45 min. – $78

Clinical and therapeutic application of essential oils on body with 8 DōTERRA essential oils.

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Energy Healings

60 min. – $158

My own healing journey led me to perform healing work and spiritual practices for others. This healing work helps to uncover the “root causes” of negative patterns in people’s lives.
Using the help of my guides, I am able to get to the root of what is holding people back. Many times these are attachments or blocks which can stem from one’s early childhood or past life trauma. These blocks hide themselves throughout the body and can cause illness. When blocks are the cause of disease or illness, modern medicine will not be able to solve the problem, especially since these emotional blocks can be generations deep.
Once a client’s blocks have been established, my guides work on healing the client’s soul of all the negative – shadow side – that has happened to them. This negativity can come from this life, ancestry, or even a past life. Through healing these blocks you receive a better understanding of your purpose and help in learning this life’s lessons. This alignment with your soul purpose allows you to make choices that better resonate with your life’s mission. For this reason, you may experience changes in thought processes and belief systems.
In order to prepare for this healing work, you’re going to have to work on your feelings so that they are ready to be released. Through working with your feelings, you’ll learn about who you are and connect to your higher self. During this work you will be experiencing removals and psychic surgery. Removing negative identities from people and places is part of my work.
Overall, this is powerful healing work. Thus, it is important that my clients actively want to get better as this is a permanent change for your life. You’ll be creating a strong new foundation for yourself but in order to do so, you’ll need to dig deep and shake up the old one.
Elena is Multidimensional Healer, certified Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master, Medical Reiki Master, Kundalini Reiki Master, Sai Maa Diksha Practitioner, Certified Master of Crystology Healing, Psychic, Medium, Past Life Healer, Ancestry Healing, Spiritual Coach.

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Reiki Facial

15 min. – $35

Reiki is considered universal life force energy, that flows through everything we know, and receiving an energy/spiritual healing, can positively assist all beings going through different avenues of life, and life stages.
Reiki healing can aid with: Personal growth, clearing chakra blockage, healing past trauma, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, emotional pain, letting go of addiction and substance abuse, understanding life scripts, clearing and focusing the mind, realizing life purpose/path, goal recognition, past life regression, learning to forgive self and others, releasing trapped emotions, removal of negative energy attached to aura, connecting to higher self, empowering and energizing mind, body and soul, and so much more. Add this service to Brilliant Custom Facial and enjoy powerful healing of Reiki.

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ULTRALUXE corrective Facials
Professional grade Peels
Stem Cell Treatment

ULTRALUXE Skincare an industry leader and pioneer in luxury and corrective skincare solutions, provides natural yet effective formulations to address and transform the most persistent skin issues into healthy,smooth and glowing skin.Formulated with natural botanicals,essential oils and advanced technology.
ULTRALUXE Skincare creating products that are free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, artificial fragrance, sulfates, zinc oxide and petrochemicals, and always cruelty-free. It is Vegan.

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Sjal Gemstone Facial

60 min. $200
90 min. – $250

SJÄL (SWED) Spirit, Mind, Heart & Soul. The Sjal facial is unmatched when it comes to luxurious skincare. This integrative facial incorporates the healing power of precious minerals and gemstones through the pure formulations containing high levels of rose quartz, platinum, copper, and nano- gold, as well as sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and pearls. Eastern healing techniques enhanced with rose quartz crystal wands, gemstone therapy, shiatsu, Ayurveda marma points, and reflexology are used during the facial to promote increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, calming, and clearing to allow for maximum relaxation and balance. This facial is for those seeking a truly one of a kind, holistic facial experience designed to nuture the mind, body, and spirit with head-to-toe energy, purification, and renewal. This illuminating facial is designed to provide rejuvenating benefits by promoting well-being, energy flow, and clarity within, while visibly restoring skin nutrition and improving skin clarity, smoothness, and luminosity on the surface.

The results are an unparalleled synergy which noticeably transforms your skin. The epitome of the perfect facial, this must-have treatment is perfect for those desiring the very best in skin science and transformational energy.

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Celluma LED Light Therapy

Add on to any Facial 30 min 45$
Stand-alone treatment 35 min 65$
2 per week for 6-8 weeks 45$ each

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House Cleansing

$248 + Travel

Our homes are our castles, and we try our best to keep them a loving, happy, and peaceful environment for ourselves and our families.
But sometimes a house doesn’t feel like a home, and there can be something missing, unwanted, heavily emotional, fogged, and other negative feelings, thoughts and actions can take place. Our homes can absorb energy whether it be good or bad, and can carry on throughout the years, with different owners, situations, and changes. Sometimes we create the energy, and other times we invite it in unintentionally through our subconscious and conscious minds. In some cases, entities can become trapped, or drawn to a location that is either, safe or familiar to them, or they are stuck in a death state unable to leave a space because they are afraid to cross over to the light for various reasons. If the land itself has had a traumatic past, it could hold on to those emotions and situations. And sometimes, people report that activity didn’t start until they began to renovate or change their home or land, which could have stirred up old emotions, energy and entities that were once unnoticeable. Elena will travel to your home and provide house cleansing with the guidance from her Spiritual Team.

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Long Distance Reiki Healing

30min. – $80

Reiki is considered universal life force energy, that flows through everything in life, and Reiki energy/spiritual healing, can assist with many different avenues of life, and life stages, while healing all types of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blockage.
Reiki healing is typically performed in person, but can be provided long distance. The healing is usually completed within 30 minutes, but is just as effective as in person, and can be more convenient if you’re out of state, or unable to attend in person for various reasons. You can book an appointment and enjoy this healing in your comfortable space. After your healing is complete, I’ll contact you with assessment of your session.

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Crystal Readings

60 min. – $88 (minimum 30 min.)

Elena uses her selection crystals to perform a reading and communicate with the Divine to give you messages.

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Custom Made Bracelets

Custom made Bracelets for your spiritual growth hand made by Elena. These Bracelets promote physical, emotional and holistic healing.
Elena’s guides will give you a name of a stone that will balance and heal your current life.

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